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Datora is a Brazilian group, founded in 1993 with more than 25 years of operation in Brazil. Datora Group is constituted by Datora Telecom and ARQIA (Datora Mobile).

Operates from offices in Brazil, the United States, Spain, Guatemala and the United Kingdom. It was a pioneer in Brazil in providing VOIP (Voice over IP) interconnection services for traditional landlines and the first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) approved by Anatel to provide SMP (Personal Mobile Service) services. It has the regulatory license to provide landlines and mobile service, long distance call transportation and value-added services.

Grupo Datora
Cobertura Global Arqia


Our structure is designed to grant fast and exceptional services to our clients. Our streamlined offices are strategically located to offer promptly support to our employees and customers.

We value collaborative environments and workspaces that promote the integration and the well-being of our collaborators. Our structure promotes the ample use of all technologies available to our business.


Our office, located in Brigadeiro Faria Lima street in São Paulo, is dedicated to the Management, HR, IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Tax, and Accounting services, in a facility of approximately 3200 sq. ft. The office was designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and information among collaborators.


In our office located at Juscelino Kubitschek Av, an important avenue in São Paulo, one can find the NOC 1, NOC 2, Operations, Sales, Engineering, and Logistics services, among others. With approximately 6400 sq. ft, it accommodates our own Datacenter. The modern environment, associated with the high-tech structure, allows great productivity and integration among our collaborators.


In our office located at Alameda Oscar Niemeyer, Nova Lima, in Minas Gerais, there are the Administrative, HR, Costumer Relations, Commercial, Financial, NOC Mobile areas, among others, with a structure designed to facilitate the sharing of information among employees. and all necessary support for customer service.


Codemge (Minas Gerais Development Company) is a public company from Minas Gerais, which carries out investment and development activities in several sectors with relevant operations in Minas Gerais, especially in the creative and high-tech industry.

As approved by Anatel, in June 2016, Codemge became a minority shareholder of Datora Mobile (ARQIA).

Three years after this entry, there was a corporate reorganization, in which Codemge is no longer directly participating in the capital of Datora Mobile and becomes a minority shareholder of Datora Participações – which controls both Datora Mobile and Datora Telecom. As a direct benefit of this partnership, the promotion of the region’s technological ecosystem stands out, seeking a relevant position in a promising and innovation-intensive sector.

The main objective of this investment is to bring innovative solutions and services of the Datora Group to Minas Gerias and to the world, developing technologies capable of modernizing the industry, fostering digital inclusion and the advent of smart cities and devices. As part of the agreement, Datora opened its main office in Nova Lima (MG), in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, in 2016, where it currently concentrates a large part of the group’s mobile operation, including customer relations, NOC, financial and sales.

In addition to the telecommunications and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Codemge invests in clean energy, future-bearing minerals, aerospace and defense, biotechnology and life sciences, audiovisual, districts industrial, hospitality, parks and spas. Through its subsidiary Codemig, Codemge has been a partner for decades with the Brazilian Company of Metallurgy and Mining (CBMM) in the exploration of niobium in Araxá, a relevant activity that values ​​the mineral potential of Minas Gerais.

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