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Throughout our history, we’ve built excellent relationships with our customers – based on trust and delivering results.

Arqia purpose is to provide M2M connection solutions, helping our clients to discover the innovative and technological universe of the Internet of Things (IoT). There are many challenges, but our successful stories show how our services can help customers to boost their business with solutions that bring costs’ reductions, process automation and productivity improvement.

Learn about some of our cases of success and find out how M2M connectivity can substantially boost your business..


Is your business ‘future ready’?

The growth of connectivity has changed the way organizations relate to their market. In the tracking industry, for example, IoT is increasingly present, making the daily routine easier for people and businesses.


GolSat, a company based in Londrina and specialized in intelligent telemetry for light fleet management, offers management software with information on fleet performance, ensuring efficiency and safety in operations. It is also possible to analyze the driver’s behavior, such as speeding, amount of sudden braking, exaggerated accelerations, fuel consumption and other information that can compromise the cost of the operation.

All applications are made using ARQIA’s IoT solutions and we currently connect around 50% of the fleet, efficiently and on a large scale, resulting in a 15% cost reduction for the operation.


We work with Verisure to develop a customized SIM Card that meets the company’s connectivity and security needs.

Verisure, Europe’s leading supplier of security and monitored alarms, offers its customers monitoring and enforcement services in confirmed cases of invasion. The brand offering covers the entire value chain – from product development, design and sales to installation, maintenance and professional monitoring solution 24 hours a day. Due to a strong focus on quality, 3 million customers are among the most satisfied in the industry. The company is present in 16 countries in Europe and Latin America and has more than 17,000 employees and partners.

Case Arqia GFK


GfK is a reliable source of relevant information about markets and consumers. Created in 1934 in Germany, GfK is based in Nuremberg and is present in more than 100 countries. It is the largest research company in Germany, and the fourth in the world.

Arqia solution was chosen by GfK Audience Measurement & Insights Division, which analyses screen-based consumer behavior and the performance of broadcasters, content producers and advertising campaigns, by monitoring viewers at pre-selected households.

Case Arqia BMW


Intense work and partnership made ARQIA M2M solution available for the launch of BMW i3, the first BMW electric car in Brazil.

The car has ConectedDrive technology, which, with ARQIA SIM Card connected to a wide-screen panel, makes it possible to access the internet, interact with the user’s smartphone and improve GPS navigation. The technology also enables a concierge service, connected to a telephone exchange. The system also calls SAMU (Brazil Emergency Medical Assistance Service) to alert in the case of a serious accident, sending car’s location and can even check (by telemetry) how many people were on board and how many air-bags where activated.

This partnership with one of the most renowned auto-mobile brands in the world, endorses the outstanding quality of our ARQIA SIM Card.

Case Arqia Tecmic


Arqia joins Tecmic, a market leader in large-scale corporate systems, based in Portugal, to offer a wide range of logistics solutions to their customers.

Through a successful partnership, ARQIA made it possible to launch the Izitran product, an intelligent tracking system that allows you to manage all the activity of a vehicle fleet.

Processing various reports, alarms and maps with user-friendly design, the system offers a set of advantages for the customer, such as reduced operating costs, increased productivity and efficiency, increased security, integrated management and many other benefits.


“The main objective of the partnership was to create a new carrier option to bring greater agility and quality of service to our corporate clients”, says the commercial director Fabio Acorci.
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