M2M no Mercado Automotivo


Arqia IoT M2M connection technology offers innovative and valuable solutions for the automotive industry, both for drivers and fleet managers. Among the possibilities we can highlight:

M2M - Fornecer Localização

Location Provider

M2M no mercado automotivo - gerenciamento do motor

Information for Engine Management

M2M - Rastreamento para serviços de logística ou de condução

Tracking for Logistics or Driving Services

M2M Assistência Remota

Remote Assistance

Joining Machine-to-Machine connectivity in the automotive industry brings several advantages to your business, such as agility to perform day-to-day processes and greater security. ARQIA connectivity enables you to:

  • Immediately notify emergency services in case of accidents
  • Immediately alert the insurance company and the Police in case of stolen vehicle
  • Track, in real time,  the location of a stolen vehicle
  • Monitor the effect of each driving style or road condition on the vehicle, simplifying maintenance
  • Book maintenance services when necessary
  • Make driving more comfortable, providing traffic , climate, parking lots and other informations.
Segurança Automotiva
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